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Ascent Midtown

Atlanta, Georgia

Our Client was building a mixed-use facility with a Multi-Family tower, hotel tower, and a shared parking deck. The project required two ERRCS systems for compliance and a DAS system for the Multi-Family area.

Symphony designed, engineered, and commissioned two ERRCS systems while coordinating with the local AHJ. We designed and engineered the DAS system, placing cables in necessary locations. Once the building had the exterior windows and drywall, we surveyed the property and determined that a DAS system would be required.

The ERRCS system was simultaneously approved for both sections. Once the survey determined the DAS system was going to be required, we simply had to add the electronics and antennas since the cables were already in place. The Assistant Project Manager liked our work so much, he brought us on board for his next project with a similar and expanded scope.

Project Details


MDU / Mixed-Use


DAS / Small Cell / ERRCS

Additional Info

Owner: Greystar

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