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Security / Access Control

Our robust, feature-rich security systems support frictionless access managed from anywhere. From MDU’s to Commercial installations, we have the solution, whether that means state of the art door readers, intelligent intercom entry, or video paired with data for the best surveillance searchability.


When you need a complete portal to portal physical access control system, Symphony makes high security convenient. Our cloud-based Access Control solutions allow security management from the web on any device.


Though Access Control Systems have grown increasingly complex, requiring careful planning and integration with other security and surveillance systems, video and audio intercom systems, and intrusion detection systems, Symphony has continued to strive to be an innovative company on the cusp of emerging technologies and solutions, such as:


  • Integration of credential-based access control, intrusion detection, intercom and video applications

  • Identity management for profiles, IDs and creating credentials

  • Expansion capabilities for additional ingress/egress locations

  • Configuration of security events and troubleshooting of issues in customizable monitoring displays

  • Automatic system management, back-up, upgrades, etc.

  • Upgrade of legacy systems

  • Integration of Data Analytics, Biometrics and IP Door Access Control Systems

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