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Surveillance / CCTV

At Symphony, the goal at the beginning of every project is to provide end users with an environment that is flexible, effective, comfortable and secure.  We are a “Design/Build” systems integration company. We configure all the necessary elements for a complete surveillance system that interfaces with other security systems.


Through advances in the “Internet of Things (IoT)” smart building technology, a wide range of devices and systems connect to form smart ecosystems for our clients. We harness the potential of security cameras already used in most MDU/Commercial properties today to make buildings not only more secure and safe for residents, visitors and staff, but also more efficient. These developments in CCTV technology allow cameras to provide data-rich video and enable the usage of smart apps on your mobile devices that can bring abundant benefits to MDU/Commercial space users.


We provide:

  • Ongoing operations of turnkey surveillance project solutions and managed surveillance services

  • Capability to operate numerous large projects at residential campuses, industrial facilities, and office complexes simultaneously

  • Implement systems for local, mobile and remote viewing and control

  • Migrate from analog standard CCTV to IP Video

  • Integrate with various alarm, intrusion detection and access control systems

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